South West Middlesex Crematorium Board

Hounslow Road Hanworth Feltham Middlesex TW13 5JH Telephone: 0208 894 9001


Disposal of Cremated Remains

I hereby authorise you to arrange for the disposal of the cremated remains of the late by the method indicated below:

Strewing the Garden of Remembrance by the Crematorium staff


Cremated remains are strewn 14 days following the cremation.

WITNESS the strewing in the Garden of Remembrance

To witness strewing, an appointment is required. Please contact the Crematorium Office.


If the strewing is to take place in the same area as for a previous person(s), please indicate the location or the name and date of death of that person(s):


I will collect the cremated remains from the Crematorium

I hereby authorise to collect the cremated remains on my behalf.

Retain the cremated remains on Temporary Deposit at the Crematorium until further notice

Cremated remains will be held for one month free of charge. Thereafter storage is charged at £15 per month.


To ensure that all metals are disposed of in a manner that will reduce the impact on the environment, the Crematorium has joined the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management (ICCM) recycling of metals scheme. All orthopaedic implants are smelted into granules for industrial use. If you do not wish metals to be disposed of in this manner, please indicate below.

I would like the metals returned to me with the cremated remains

Signature of Applicant for Cremation  

Please note that the person who made the original application for cremation and signed Form: CREMATION 1 is the only person legally authorised to sign this document.