Metals Recycling Scheme Donation To space2grieve

Posted on 20 October 2023

2023 Metal Recycling Scheme supports local charity space2grieve

Since 2011 the South-West Middlesex Crematorium has participated in the Metal Recycling Scheme, coordinated by the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management ( ICCM). The scheme recycles the metals which are present after a cremation has taken place, e.g. nails of coffins, with the specific written agreement of the applicant for a cremation.  The annual proceeds of the scheme are distributed to charities providing bereavement support.

This year, South-West Middlesex Crematorium donated £12,000 to space2grieve, a local registered charity which offers free, confidential, one-to-one bereavement support to anyone living in Richmond borough.

Co-Founder Jenny Harris shares what an impact the support from South-West Middlesex Crematorium and other local funders is having:

“ When setting up space2grieve our aim was to be the provider of free support for all Richmond Residents who have been bereaved ‘no matter when, no matter how’.  We are now fully up and running and our services include:

  • Telephone / Zoom Bereavement Holding sessions
  • Face to face Support for Adults, Children and Young People, Families
  • Specialist Parenting through Grief sessions
  • Facilitated peer to peer support at Compassionate Cuppa, our monthly grief café

In our second year of operation, we are really proud to report that our team of 35 highly trained volunteers supported 261 clients, including children and young people, and provided over 1,300 hours of bereavement support. 86 residents from across the borough also dropped in to our monthly Grief Café to receive a warm welcome and peer support.

At space2grieve we understand that the impact of bereavement can be wide ranging, long lasting and profound. Since the COVID-19 pandemic we are seeing more trauma, more prolonged grief, more complex grief reactions. Our firm belief is that free, personal one-to-one bereavement support is the most effective way to support each individual, tailored support being needed in particular for bereaved children and young people.

Our thanks goes to all the families who have consented to support this scheme, as they have helped to make a difference to many other bereaved families”

In the words of our clients:

“It is an amazing service for those that are struggling to make sense of their grief, the service is high quality, professional, safe and comfortable, it doesn’t feel forced, it just feels caring.”

” I didn’t want to come through the Grief Cafe door today, but I’m glad I did. I’m at a loss at the moment, it helped to have somewhere to come. I was greeted with a smile and such warmth”.