All Floral tributes brought to the crematorium for a funeral will be removed on the following days

Day of Funeral Removal Day (early morning)
Monday Friday
Tuesday & Wednesday Monday
Thursday & Friday Tuesday
Saturday Friday

Please contact the crematorium office if you wish the flowers to remain longer than the designated period.

Once removed from the display area the floral tributes are dismantled i.e. the flowers are separated from the oasis, wires and supports, and are added to the compost area.  The wires are recycled, and currently some of the oasis is being sent to landfill, but as much as possible is being retained for re-use for water retention in hanging baskets and the green house.

Visitors are invited to lay cut flowers on the lawns throughout the Garden of Remembrance. These will be removed by the Crematorium staff when they have withered. We request that wrappings be removed, so that these flowers can also be composted.

Flowers placed in the Remembrance Hall are also removed when withered, and are added to the compost area.