When you are planning your service for your loved one, please note that the following services are also available. Please speak to your Funeral Arranger (if you are using the services of a Funeral Director) or contact Obitus on:- 03333 447 440

Photo Tributes

A single photo of the person being remembered £12


The slideshow normally features up to 25 photos with simple fades showing each image on the screen for 8-10 seconds.  They can be played on a loop at chosen or multiple times. £45
Additional 25 photos £25


This includes up to 25 photos and a personalised title presented in an elegant, expertly made video.  Each transition is created manually by the Obitus team and timed to co-ordinate with the chosen music – starting and finishing at exactly the right moment.

Family video footage, extra photos and extra music can also be added.

25 additional photos £25
Copy of tribute on DVD, Blu-ray or USB memory stick £25
Downloadable link £12

Family-made Tributes

Family- produced video tributes can be included into a service but will need to be checked by Obitus for quality.  Videos showing readings or pre-recorded eulogies of those unable to attend can also be included in the service £25


The live webcast can be viewed while the service is taking place, and for 28 days after the service, for those unable to watch on the day.  You will also receive a free downloadable version to keep forever.  Videos can be ordered before the funeral or up to a month after. £65


A copy of the service (DVD/Blu-ray/USB) £65
Additional DVD/Blu-ray/USB £36
CD £60
Additional CD (Each) £36

Additional Work

Any additional work or revisions i.e.·

  • Changes to a tribute after 2 p.m. on the day before the service
  • Adding video or multiple music tracks to a Pro Tribute
  • Timing photos to a specific part of the music in a Pro Tribute
  • Adding music, converting or editing files for a family-made tribute
  • Turning a slideshow into a video-file for a keepsake