A CELEBRATION OF LIFE by Colin Irwin – Celebrant

Posted on 15 December 2016

They bring you here to rest awhile
At the setting of the day
An oasis of calm tranquility
Before you haste away

On that journey for which we all must prepare
Without knowing where or when
Just one more adventure in the mystery of life
When we embrace that last amen

Here everyone’s equal, all are akin
Whatever the status or name
No matter of money, religion or creed
Everyone’s treated the same

With respect and honour for now is the time
When you can finally make your peace
With enemies and friends but mostly yourself
Let this place be a house of release

From bitterness, anger and thoughts of revenge
Or regretting you made some bad calls
For there’s nothing to cause panic or fear
Just sanctuary between these four walls

Some may have beliefs, some may have none
Your view may be clear or a haze
But the mind that is open is a mind full of hope
Faith works in mysterious ways

We don’t always have answers to the questions you ask
It’s a journey you must partake alone
But may you find solace and peace in your heart
And find the right pathway home

For now is the time to recall and reflect
On building walls and forgiving
And raise your glass to a true miracle
And to drink to the joy of living

So blessed be Hanworth and other such Crems
Where we care for those who have gone
Knowing whatever’s ahead for those precious souls
Treasured memories live on and on

Families come here to grieve and to mourn
Be it a sibling, a husband or wife
But amid the sadness that accompanies loss
Let’s not forget to celebrate life