Christmas Wreaths

Posted on 8 December 2017

After Christmas we throw away £000’s worth of wreaths which go straight to landfill, and as a result we would request that visitors to the crematorium consider purchasing biodegradable wreaths. The use of biodegradable tributes both reduces the cost of disposal and the impact on the environment. Some of the trellises will be marked especially for biodegradable wreaths.

We would also ask visitors to reconsider purchasing wreaths, and instead make a donation to the Crematorium Memorial Fund which is used solely to improve the Memorial Gardens for everyone to enjoy. If you wish to support our initiative and reduce the impact on the environment, you can visit the memorial hall, write on a memorial tag provided and place it on one of the Christmas trees.

• The Trellises to the side of the Ogden Chapel and the Christmas
Trees and Tags, situated in the Memorial Hall, will all be in place
by Friday 1st December, 2017.
• The Trellises and Christmas Trees will be removed on Friday 5th
January 2018.

Teresa Kearney

If you have any questions about the memorial gardens please contact The Head Gardener, Peter Russell, via the crematorium administration office – 020 8894 9001