Garden Report

Posted on 13 January 2017

2016 started with the recycling of the Christmas wreaths. All recyclable material
was dealt with appropriately and all organic or bio degradable wreaths/materials
were added to the dead hedge, benefiting the natural environment and the wildlife
associated with it.
Extensive work was carried out in the Rose Garden, as in other years dead or failing
roses were replaced and the beds and lawn areas were cut, trimmed and tidied
ready for the year.
The roses did not do so well in 2016 as in other years, which was possibly due to
unfavourable seasonal conditions. We also believe the Muntjac deer, that get into
the grounds may have also played a part in the somewhat poor show.
We will look at ways to discourage the deer and suitable, eco-friendly ways to treat
the roses against disease etc. The grounds are surrounded by large areas of wild
parklands, Pevensey road on one side, Hounslow heath at the rear and Crane park
on the other side. This can cause create problems in that disease is easily
transmitted to the cultivated plants and trees within the Crematorium, and allows
wildlife to enter the site from all sides.
Caple Manor, a local Horticultural college, also visited and carried out some
important work on the Roses and Winter beds. Assisting with making the grounds
look nice, while helping to train their students and furthering their education in
Our open day in June was very successful, with two tours of the gardens being
required. All the visitors who attended, enjoyed the walk around and expressed
interest in the information they were given regarding some of the history of the site
and the wildlife we have here.
There was extensive tree work carried out in the grounds by both tree surgeons and
the Crematorium ground staff. This work benefits the trees by ensuring their health
and to reduce the risk of dangerous branches or trees within the grounds.
On a daily basis bins and litter are collected and recycled as much as possible, floral
tributes are collected when they are spent and withered. Flowers are collected from
the grounds and composted, we ensure the gates are open, floral placement cards
are put out and the grounds are blown/swept and tidy before the being opened to
the public each day.
We have worked extensively to maintain the flowers and shrub beds, weeding,
edging and pruning at the required times of the year. Grass and lawn areas have
been renovated, re-sewn, cut and maintained to a high standard.
Lots of leaves were collected this year with a very busy Autumn time, these are
placed at several locations and form a good compost that can be put back onto
flower beds etc. throughout the year.
We have restored and painted benches, replaced sponsored bird boxes and
maintained other essential features around the grounds, as well as carrying out
other work, surveys and reports to ensure the safety of the grounds.
This year also saw the arrival of our new containers and glass house to replace our
old sheds and all the gardeners worked hard to get these functional, as well as
carrying out our normal tasks. We set up our plant nursery area for plants and
flowers to be stored, prior to being placed out in the grounds.
All work has been carried out to the highest standard to ensure the grounds are the
best they can be for visitors to enjoy and find peace and tranquillity. All works are
carried out in the safest and most professional way, to ensure a safe and pleasant
experience and environment for visitors and staff alike.
Peter Russell
Head Gardener