Gardens Spring / Summer 2019

Posted on 15 October 2019

We started the year with tree and shrub planting and repairing the landscaped areas around the new waiting room and toilet facilities building – The Pavillion – by establishing new grass/lawn areas. We continued to develop the new Glade garden and transplanted two Cercis trees that had to be removed from behind the Crematory building.

Moving the Cercis trees to the new Glade garden

These have taken very well despite the very hot dry weather that we experienced in the early part of the Spring time. Grass, hedges and other plants start growing rapidly, especially the weeds, the rose garden requires a lot of attention at this time requiring weeding, pruning, re-staking, edging, feeding and mulching, in preparation for Summer.

The Rose garden in full bloom

As well as the gardening work we are also responsible for the general grounds maintenance which includes the emptying of bins, litter clearing, installing plaques, cleaning hard surface areas and very importantly all of the recycling work – we try to reuse or compost as much of the material and waste generated by the crematorium.

We worked hard to have the grounds looking their best for our open day in June, which was a great success. With many visitors on the day, many of whom took part in the two tours that were offered, one around the crematory building and the other around the grounds. We then prepared the grounds for the Green flag judging, the same week. Despite it pouring with rain on the day the judge was very impressed with the site and very happy to see the work we do within the grounds.

As part of the Green flag award, we were complemented on the recycling work we do as well as our work to help and encourage wildlife and respect the environment, whilst at the same time presenting the Crematorium grounds in the way that they should be presented, to provide a peaceful place for people to visit and reflect on loved ones they have lost.

Members of the public releasing doves at the open day

Teresa and the Gardening team with the Green flag award

We are currently working on areas within the North garden, one is to install a new tower monument that will incorporate 60 plaques. This will offer the opportunity to sponsor a plaque dedicated to loved ones who may have their ashes strewn in that area. We have also removed some old shrubs that were suffering from poor health which has greatly opened up the North garden allowing more light into the area.

We have had tree work carried out to remove dead, unsafe trees and branches improving the health of the tree stock while making the environment safer for visitors, and have planting trees new trees, 5 Scots pines, an Arizona Cypress and a Yew tree that both started life here, in the grounds.

Tree planting September 2019

We have continued working hard to keep the hedges, roses, trees, flower beds and shrubs looking the best they can and keeping the grass cut nicely on the lawn areas and any damage repaired. We are now preparing for the Autumn/Winter and the work that goes with that time of year, such as leaf clearing, pruning, tree cutting and general maintenance chores.