South West Middlesex Crematorium – Spring/Summer Report 2020

Posted on 18 September 2020

2020 has been a very difficult and stressful year, but the Gardening Team have worked hard to keep the grounds looking their best. The Rose garden has been spectacular and has looked the best it has ever looked, even though it has now slightly faded due to the extended extraordinarily hot weather.

The grounds were closed to the public during the midst of the pandemic but was still maintained to a high standard. The grass and lawn areas have also been affected by the very dry conditions but are starting to recover since we have had some cooler, rainy days.

Darran, our new member of the gardening team has fitted in very well and Joe, who was with us for work experience, was an added bonus to the team. We are looking forward to welcoming Liam, our new member of the gardening team.

The seasonal bedding suffered from disease, over the winter, which may have been as a result of something that came into the Crematorium from the neighbouring park or Heathland. This disease decimated the pansies in most of the beds particularly the cushion bed on lawn 2.  The bed was stripped and treated, in an attempt to kill or remove any spores or other bacteria that may cause any further outbreaks.

We were unable to bring in any Summer bedding due to lack of supply from the nursery, due to the lockdown/pandemic.  Hopefully we will be able to purchase 20/21 Winter / Spring bedding and have the beds planted as normal for the end of September / October.

We have had a couple of trees, including two Magnolias, that have died during the hot weather, which will be replaced in due course. We have been able to plant several Scot’s pines and other young trees at various places around the grounds, which have seemed to have survived due to a very extensive watering programme.

The Children’s memorial garden suffered again from Box moth caterpillars at the start of the year, but we have been able to successfully control them and keep the box plants looking healthy.

Our “Lest we Forget” bench in The Glade has now become a favourite spot for many visitors to the Crematorium.  We planted up wild flowers, particularly poppies behind the bench, to continue the  remembrance theme, as can be seen in the pictures below.


Early morning view in the Wild Garden


Night time shot, from the Lawn area

We managed to rescue a poorly hedgehog that was later bought back to the Crematorium and released back into the grounds.

The Crematorium is currently undergoing a refit of the Crematory and abatement equipment, which is also running alongside refurbishment of the Jamieson and Haigh Chapels, roofs, reception hall and renovation of the old waiting room.  With the opening of our “Pavillion” in Spring 2019 which provides a toilet suite and large reception room, the old waiting room in the main building was no longer used.  This room will now be converted into our “Memorial Room” which will house our Books of Remembrances and Arboria memorial plaques, to provide a serene and peaceful place for visitors to reflect and remember their loved ones.  The old memorial hall will provide the main reception area for visitors to meet with the Crematorium staff and a private room for families and Funeral Director staff for the collection of cremated remains.  All works due for completion December 2020.